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Osama Bin Laden is killed?


Soon began repressions in Belarus.

Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the suspected terrorist attack on April 11 in Minsk metro found three more bombs.

“Thank God that the perpetrators of terrorist acts, we stopped on time. As the result, tomorrow would be worse. Today, the police discovered here are worse – at least three (the bomb). And it would be even harder than the subway,” – said Lukashenko annual address to Parliament.

Chief Executive attack Lukashenko called “geek” who grew up in a normal family.

I would like to ask my Belarusian friends and readers, is it really in the country believe in all this nonsense? And in fact relates population to the statements of its president that “our country is too much democracy and freedom of unnecessary …”

Or do right by those who believe that enough stability, even in the begging, but the stability and confidence in the minuscule?

Hot Dance Russian President.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, commented in his Twitter, video – “Medvedev dances”, which appeared on YouTube yesterday.

The President responded to tweet user of Halfblood_Uliss, who wrote: “You dance like my dad!” This morning a good mood thanks to video with you:) “.

“By age, it seems, is)). Ignites a year ago at a meeting with the course. Dancing and music – even those that match the past),” – commented on the video Medvedev.

Video Medvedev dancing “is amateur footage that evening when the Russian president dances to the song” American Boy “group” Combination “. Alongside with Medvedev dances, claps, and discusses what is happening with the other guests of the party program “Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan.

At the moment, movie already has around one million two hundred forty thousand views. Can we talk about the popularity of home video from the Russian political elite in this case, or the president is still a good dancer?

Here it is what the Russian democracy.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin urged to avoid haste in the matter of presidential elections in 2012. In an interview with reporters, he said that before the election is still almost a year. “And this fuss about the election – it is not conducive to the normal organization of work” – he added.

In addition, Putin reiterated that neither he nor President Dmitry Medvedev did not rule out that each of them can go to the polls. “I think we have already learned to respond uniformly to this” – said the head of the government. Putin noted that the decision about their involvement with Medvedev in the vote will be taken based on the real current situation at the time of the election – economic, social and political. “Of course, once this decision should be made. But nearly a year before the election, “- Prime Minister added.

A day earlier about his possible participation in the elections in an interview with China Central Television said Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, he will make a decision about his candidacy soon. “The decision will be made, and enough already in the short term, because it has fewer years left” – he said. The President stressed that he was ready to nominate for a second term, but this decision should take into account the existing social situation, political situation and the attitude of people.

Russian presidential election will be held in March 2012. For the first time in the history of the country’s head of state is elected for six-year term. Dmitry Medvedev is Russia’s president since 2008. Prior to this country since 2000, led Vladimir Putin, who was twice elected to the highest state post.

Cynicism KGB officers in power in Russia just rolls over. They are not just any that do not put their own people, but under cover security and counter-terrorism and crisis ever deeper to drive his people into a pit of serfdom rezhim.Feodalizm already adopted as the main form of political system in Russia.
It remains only to wish patience my Russian friends, well, or patience, and strength!

The final posting on the elections in Kazakhstan.

I could write a lot of things different about the shortcomings or problems seen in theelectoral process and vote counting, but this was already stated in the OSCE report. Iwill try to give a human assessment, environment and emotional background of events.

So, about populations can be locally have bred many different theories about the influence of the Soviet past on the mental background and the people themselves, but actually took more than twenty years since the collapse of the Union, and it looks looks more than it was.

Consciousness of Kazakhstan as an independent and successful nation rostet every day, directly proportional to the progression of energy prices and propaganda pouring on them from TV screens. Given Russia’s attempts to prevent Kazakhstan fall under the influence of China, we can say that the Russian capital is presented here is quite broad and pervasive. Yes, and the Russian language has the status of second state language. However, I will not deviate far from the subject of elections.

Even before our arrival in the areas in which our group had to conduct observation, we were not transparent it is said that no intrigues of these elections should not wait, and the main purpose of these elections see Nazarbayev will have 99 percent or 95 percent of the vote .
And already in the field, and more precisely in Dzhangalinsky rayon Oral district of  West Kazakhstan region, we realized how actually imitation we look to our notions of democracy and the observance of laws and regulations. Impression of the entire electoral process in general should be – a very low level of training and expertise in the field, and almost professional work of the district election commissions. Confidence in the impunity of local Akims and police disarmed and often baffled their arrogance and pressure. Often giving the impression that we were being watched, and very aggressively offering their services as bodyguards. Our interpreter and driver twice pressured by the police and local authorities. Once the pressure even turned into a personal threat to the translator. However, with all this we have tried to be quite correct and not give in to provocations.It should be noted, and the fact that the hospitality and kindness of ordinary people remained at the usual level, regardless of our role as observers. However, we have often created the impression that we are like a monkey on the beach is used for entertainment and photography, because every counter locals consider it my duty to be photographed with us.

On the organization of an observer mission also did not feel like writing much, but stillwould like to mention the excellent and harmonious work of long-term observers of our region, thanks to them for everything! Still can not fail to note some of the gaps in the group of logistics and security. But all that fortunately was resolved, and we will not only remember the bad.

Here the earlier posts from the field:

E-day in Kazakhstan.

We start our mission here at 6:00.
It was really hard to wake up and find some coffee in our kishlak, but we just try to do it and be at the first PEC at 6:15.
It was big one, and located at the school, there are more than thousand voters registered. So we start whit help of God, Allah and Buddha. Not any big problems detected at the first one.
At the second pooling station we met whit don’t interesting situation when one of the member of PEC show to voters for whom they have to vote (try to guess whom he show 😉 ).
Now we arrive to our third place. No any voters here, we are sitting more than half an hour. Locals prepare some performance whit singing children, its funny. Aha there two voters come for vote.
See you later guys.

Greetings from Dzhangala.

We just arrived to our final point in the west of West Kazakhstan province. It is a big part rich of gas and oil, but population here is really poor. May be it is firstly, that we see here, and understand.
There many unused lands, and very sad landscape. The all population of this part of West Kazakhstan region are agricultural, just two or tree percent work in public sector and in the national gas company. Territory is about 20 thousand square kilometres, and population is nearly 28 thousands.
Educational level is really low, and big part of youth run away from here to big sity or stay here and just do nothing. Information provided only by governmental TV channels or newspapers, no internet acses points detected.
Tomorrow we just start preparation for our observation mission here. Hopefully it will be normal and without any accidents.