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Steve Jobs has put the Turks to a standstill with a question …

Below you are presented with the original story of what happened Turk. Therefore, there will be attended by the phrase “so-called genocide” and other hard Türkizms translatable.

Around five years ago. To schedule a tour finishes in Istanbul from the Mediterranean to arandım. Guidance to passengers going to a VIP. Not know the passengers of a luxury yacht from our country, and also did not know the slightest about the name is already in the söylenmemişti me. Just the name of all the VIP passenger charters usually learn later. This is much of interest to you at first, more of a problem is security related.

BA’s name, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs that I have learned after the start of the tour. Luxury boat from the shores of the Mediterranean sea journey will end in Istanbul, but the important historical sites to visit along the coast near the boss and his family receive the appropriate marinas or harbors gezdirecektik. These types of trips everywhere, unpronounceable name. Instead, or “boss” or “mister” is called. This is not to draw attention to people who also dressed very simply. Steve Jobs, dressed in the plain and ordinary-looking just like that.

Everything looked fine. From time to time and in the evening there was no stress on myself to bed Atsam difficult, gezdirdiğim person is Steve Jobs, and I quickly forgot about them I thought would be a good reference for the future. The boss usually uncommunicative, who was one of caution and a lot of listening. More talks to his wife, and would ask says. The boss is a very rare and sometimes on a few topics özetlerdi questions sometimes. Said in a voice choked, and a deep, multi-taught learners of mood. His wife is more attractive, more talkative and more like one of us. In general, requests and criticisms that I realized what you liked and what beğenmediklerini wife.

Such guidance to routinely rounds many yapılamadığından and general procedure can not apply an agent, tour guide, driver and crew including the captain of the boat, especially, were in full tension and panic. It’s all go the way of everyone he trembles on the program, occasionally something goes wrong in spite of everything, and in this case would double the hustle and bustle. I have at least 1 hour before departure time of the morning, şoförse at least 1.5 hours before we were there. Everything was checked repeatedly. Every step we take that we have come miles and provided information for the agency, operation manager, etc. was kept informed. Also fails to stand the boss, keep your complaints, and also not done what is required for. This afternoon, when the knees so do not go limp, could not put my feet. Tour program is longer than it seemed in a separate state of stress and fatigue.

As I said with a tour of Steve Jobs would find in Istanbul. Boats from Troy to a full day after watching the Sea of ​​Marmara in Istanbul, Ataköy Marina, docked. Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce known here, especially, such as the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar gezilecekti places. Since the last days of the tour, warm and sincere dialogue among us than in the first days had begun to evolve.

Ataköy Marina, the first day that the boss Steve Jobs’la buluşmamızda short period of time to chat though mutual, the tour had the opportunity to talk out issues in general. At one point that was left open for ventilation through the window caught my eye. Steve Jobs, Apple laptops showed me to release very soon. Kutusundaydı I think the two of them. Rounds and I were very satisfied and, therefore, one of them said they would present to me at the end of the round. Was very happy. My boss sweet smile on his face he will never forget the warm conversation.

Jobs Hagia Sophia was the place where most want to see and wonder. We started the tour. Saw that we had yet to happen and eagerly asked the minarets of the Hagia Sophia. In return, I, while the former church converted to a mosque after the conquest, in the south-east corner of a brick minaret was added to the transaction told. Then the questions started to come straight to me: “This is what happened to the Christians?”, “You millions of Muslims in non Muslim, what have you done?” etc.. You open my mouth, “the genocide of Armenians seized 1.5 million. You tell us. How did it happen?” were asked the question, and this was the last straw.

In fact, this is not your position but I told him I’d have to break anlatımıma normal in the face of persistent questions. So if I had to enter the Armenian Question. Flatly rejected the genocide in Ottoman Turkey at that time and it worked, especially foreigners, senior Admiral Bristol, General Mayewski, and supported the General Harbord’un reports describing. Harbord and Mustafa Kemal spoken conversation, the same general who returns to his country (the so-called) Armenian genocide bill the Senate discussed a report prepared on the Ottoman territory, and offers a very clear written here, I told the truth. Although the Ottoman subject of Anatolian Armenians in the Ottoman-Russian War and the First World War, they have hit the back and betrayed the Ottomans, the Turks in the villages that I have done countless massacres. In addition to him, “There is no genocide, there are mutual mukatele” the fact that we can support many more numbers in the document archive, this topic by examining reports of their officials when they return to their country can receive more detailed information, said. Diaspora events and distort facts, pointed out the nourishment of hatred instead of friendship. This is not your position, not unpleasant, would be a nice place to speak of matters told him. In cultural terms, informative talk about things, according to the concept of the round would be more accurate and on-site reminded one more time.

With this speech, they understood that they were Armenian Diasporası’ndan. Name and surname, but later gave me the impression that all Jews be deported ancestors were driven from Turkey to Syria and, therefore, that the Armenians in the United States and the so-called Armenian genocide Diasporası’ndan I noticed that they advocate. His wife, in the same way, even more impulsive as opposed to my explanation, I did not want to even listen. So, I’m aware of the full 10 days without an anti-Turkish Armenian American families, both active members of the diaspora ağırlıyordum.

Not my words and opinions that might undermine the opposing hoşlanmamışlardı Anlattıklarımdan. He and his wife’s facial expressions can not tell you. He looks pretty bad the opposite was now being replaced by facial expressions. Tour boat in half, cut and wanted to return. I refused doing genocide, nationalism, and şövenlikle accused. I informed the agencies that call. They were naturally anxious this unpleasant development.

Steve Jobs and his wife, Marina, the boat next to us Atakoy meet the owner of the agency said today’s round, not at all satisfied. They wanted to leave earlier than expected, and private planes from Istanbul earlier in the day before, was called. I did transfer. Do not speak a single word with me, even up to the aircraft uğurladım them. But my hand was held out my hand to shake hands in the air and left me and farewells. What an envelope, nor the Apple laptop as promised! Is not important. After that time, but did not expect to remain in the air already outstretched hand and a very senior position, such crudity of the man, driving attitude adopted by many truly astonishing.

I understood everything and, at the level of genius as Steve Jobs is a very intelligent man, a Turkish book asks how an answer to the question of genocide had hoped, do not understand it. Did not think the answer will, which was estimated to have not reacted, it could not figure out. I have served them for 10 days. As a result, extending a friendly hand was in the air. Also have not kept their word. Required by the generosity of the rich never fading away.

In spite of everything I heard from him that I regret to report an illness of whom come across and I continued to send my regards. After all, Steve Jobs and his family as one of my misafirimdi aware of it until the last day and I did not fault their service. We are Turks, hospitality, hot dostluklarımızla a nation that is recognized worldwide. Kin not move, but we carry a heart full of love. I did it, as will any Turkish guide.

Noble S. Tuncer
Professional Tourist Guide

December 7, 2011, Wednesday


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Dirty game of the Kremlin and the opposition

The political struggle in Russia moves into a new stage. Beginning to be used “dirty technologies”. All this means that kindergarten is over and now the Kremlin’s “elite” begins to play on a grand scale.

Yesterday on one of the government-controlled sites were published phone records of one of the opposition leaders Nemtsov. The main purpose of publication, in my opinion, is to discredit Nemtsov as a politician, as well as the introduction of discord in the ranks of the opposition.

In these audio recordings Nemtsov is coordinating talks and private interviews with his helper and other coordinators of the opposition movement. They plan to organize the rally, scheduled for December 24. In this case, Mr. Nemtsov uses very abundant profanity and not always flatteringly of his supporters and associates.

However, it should consider the fact that in today’s Russian realities use foul language in everyday conversation is not something that out of the ordinary.

In turn, the opposition has not yet decided on the counter measures, and Nemtsov filing a lawsuit is as toothless as a minimum. But today comes from the conclusion of another opposition leader, Mr. Navalny. It features a large radicalism and intransigence of the authorities and the current ruling party. But Mr Navalny and marked as an adherent of nationalist ideas, which does not always play into the hands of “liberals” in opposition.

We will wait for continuation …

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Arrested one of the instigators of the pogroms at the Manege Square.

Simonov Moscow court sanctioned the detention of a 14-year old Elijah Kubrakova, one of the alleged organizers of the riots at the Manege Square on December 11.

On the eve of the Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev reported to President Dmitry Medvedev that Moscow police department has established a group of persons involved in criminal activities on December 11. “Among them are detained one of the organizers – a Kubrakov Ilya” – said the Prime Minister. According to Nurgaliyev, Kubrakov at the Manege Square calling for violent action, and the next day, along with nine accomplices committed a murder of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan of Alisher Shamshieva. “Currently, arrested two more members of this crime – Kuznetsov and Guzenko” – the minister said, adding that he is working to apprehend others involved in this crime. Medvedev asked how many years overdue. According to Nurgaliev them 14-15. “It’s just a nightmare” – said Medvedev.

A citizen of Kyrgyzstan, Alisher Shamshiev born in 1973, was killed on December 12 Shipbuilding street in southern Moscow. A law enforcement source of the city reported that involvement in the murder suspects, three young people who identify themselves as fans of “Spartacus” and supporters of the skinhead movement.

Even then it was known that 14-year-old confessed that he committed the murder. “The suspect is a student of the college”, – said the source. Two others reiterated the testimony alleged killer. The police found that one of them in school and calls himself a skinhead named Grizzly. A third detainee – Student Bauman, who, in his words, a fan of “Spartacus” and a skinhead named Hector.

On Friday it became known that the police detained five more young people involved, according to the investigation, the murder of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan on Shipbuilding Street. “It is established that all the detainees on December 12 took part in the beating of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, and when he tried to escape, the youngest of them, a student of Class 8, 1996 birth, hit the victim with a knife in the chest, from which the latter died.”


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briefly on the news

The situation with the provocations on nationalist grounds and riots in Russia remains the same. The government and security forces are unable take real steps to break the deadlock. There are suggestions that they themselves are the initiators and sponsors of the Nazi speeches and unrest.

The situation with the elections in Belarus remains tense, but everything is controlled by the Lukashenko regime. The OSCE does not recognize the election results as they expected. Unrest in the center of Minsk have been suppressed with extreme brutality, opposition candidates were beaten and taken away in an unknown direction. Belarusian democracy in action.

In Armenia, all is quiet, except for the expected scandal with the provision of air for television A1+. Emotions run high, the charges are strewed on both sides. Let’s wait for the results.


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hard for the premiere

Heavy is the fate of the prime minister of Russia.

So much to catch, and a song to sing and to fly fighter, threaten to “rotting west, ” that if it continues will rot, then Iran will again comrade.
And then you realize, puppy tossed, we should name him to invent the whole country – to promote democracy.

Are you about some fascists say about the massacres and beatings with murders on a national basis.

Not before him now! This is his well! Do not bother, it is still the election will not soon


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The hypocrisy of the Russian authorities

While Prime Minister of the country singing and strum on the piano waltz dog, pricked invited foreign stars, while the country’s president is played with a stereo and apple toys, showing that he, too, so when that person is still young and enthusiastic, in the center of the country in the heart of the capital killing people.

They kill people just for the fact that they are not blond, killed only because they do not get drunk with beer and vodka and kill for the nose shape and skin color.

Near the Kremlin thugs throw their hands in a Nazi salute and shouting Haile, the government has been criticized as hypocritical the Baltic countries and Poland glorification of Nazi followers. What kind of “righteous anger” can talk if you can not hide shit under his nose.

Many I could argue and say that “Russia for the Russian.” I unreservedly agree with this! Take and possess their own country! Just do not cry then, that without the Jews and Armenians, Azerbaijanis and Georgians, without, without the Chinese and Koreans, without the Central Asians and the Balts and Ukrainians, you will not get, and everything collapses.

Yes, and I would like to ask who was the last Russian leader of your country?

Sheer hypocrisy and lies. Laziness and alcoholism. Intolerance and cowardice. Words are not enough emotion, too.

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