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Այ քեզ անարդարություն՜

Եկեք համեմատենք երկու տեսանյութերը։ Ամենա հիշառժանը այն է որ առաջի տեսանյութի հերոսը գտնվում է ազատության մեջ ու հանդիսանում է երկրի կարավարման ճուղերից մեկի ներկայացուցիչ ու կառկարուն դեմք։ Իսկ երկրորդ տեսանյութի հերոսուհին գտնվում է անազատության մեջ ու ըստ վերոնշյալների համարվում է հանրային վտանգ արաջացնող անձնավորություն։

Ահա այսպիսի անարդար ու դաժան կյանք՜


Difficulty understanding, or why I don’t want.

It so happened that at the dawn of mankind of its origin and establishment decided to share their own kind to “us” and “them.” It was then, and there are different kinds of divisions and sub-species.
And I do not mean the division of racial or class lines, there is more separation is of interest. When one part of the crowd realizes that its interests are far more important and more interesting than those of other parts. And here it does not matter what it is about the same, just with a different emotional pitch. Becomes important only for what side are you on.
And it does not matter your other oddities and skeletons in the closet. Indeed, for them you’re on the right side of the road. And you have not just become adherent, and turns into a comrade and brother in arms. For you they will be ready to stand up and support in all your “good” initiatives.
Not in any way imply that you think someone his equal. You just one of all, but all these are the very “right people”. If you are in another camp, then you’re just an enemy. Hate you and they are fighting with you, you draw a scary fairy tales to their children, they call your name every creeping reptiles in the area. But you are and you exist …
And now a clinical case. You find yourself outside the camps. And not because it happens that you’re not interested or do not close the idea of these camps, no. You can share ideas and vision with them. You can even give them good advice, they will take from you, no thanks, and then forgetting about you. But the basic principle in relation to you becomes a principle – “who are not with us – against us”.
You begin to be branded and kicking. And the reason for your rejection may be fairly straightforward and easy as pie bitten. You disgusting self-proclaimed leader of the group, you fundamentally repugnant practices that are struggling, but you are close to the idea! But who cares …
And you give up. You lose the shine in your eyes. Are you looking for yourself in other countries and work not related to the current reality of your country. You throw from one extreme to overestimate the friends and enemies, but can not find a place. Do not do it! Stay yourself! Fight and express their ideas, to defend their ideals, he and like-minded people to reach out to you, not judge and be open.


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Here it is what the Russian democracy.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin urged to avoid haste in the matter of presidential elections in 2012. In an interview with reporters, he said that before the election is still almost a year. “And this fuss about the election – it is not conducive to the normal organization of work” – he added.

In addition, Putin reiterated that neither he nor President Dmitry Medvedev did not rule out that each of them can go to the polls. “I think we have already learned to respond uniformly to this” – said the head of the government. Putin noted that the decision about their involvement with Medvedev in the vote will be taken based on the real current situation at the time of the election – economic, social and political. “Of course, once this decision should be made. But nearly a year before the election, “- Prime Minister added.

A day earlier about his possible participation in the elections in an interview with China Central Television said Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, he will make a decision about his candidacy soon. “The decision will be made, and enough already in the short term, because it has fewer years left” – he said. The President stressed that he was ready to nominate for a second term, but this decision should take into account the existing social situation, political situation and the attitude of people.

Russian presidential election will be held in March 2012. For the first time in the history of the country’s head of state is elected for six-year term. Dmitry Medvedev is Russia’s president since 2008. Prior to this country since 2000, led Vladimir Putin, who was twice elected to the highest state post.

Cynicism KGB officers in power in Russia just rolls over. They are not just any that do not put their own people, but under cover security and counter-terrorism and crisis ever deeper to drive his people into a pit of serfdom rezhim.Feodalizm already adopted as the main form of political system in Russia.
It remains only to wish patience my Russian friends, well, or patience, and strength!