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Ձեր տոնը շնորհավոր~

Այո, բոլորիտ բոլորիտ~
Շնորհավորում ենք այս ջերմ ու բարի տոնի արիթով~











Do not push, or we will go!

The policy of foreign missions in Armenia is like a deliberate push the country into the arms of the Eurasian Union and Russia.
It seems that someone deliberately pressing on pressure points of the Armenian society. The pressure gets color blackmail. Exactly matched subjects latest threats makes it clear that the deliberate conducted public opinion research for rejection. And now the European Union and the embassies of EU members together and separately arrange demonstrative actions to support and advertising marginalized sections of society. Unpopular and rejected faces as homosexual and totalitarian sects, so-called human rights activists who have the image of the traitors, they have all become agents of values ​​and ideas, ideas, and even if it is good, but is represented by these promoters.
Armenian society itself is quite inert, but are exposed to both outside and inside. Quickly responding to the challenges and threats from outside, it is closed and rejects all seeming malicious ideas, looking for alternative way of parallel developments. This has saved the society itself and ethnicity in general. And therefore, the patterns are shouting or rather backward wave, when the general noise provided one general statement – we do not need this depravity of Europe! What can not grieve and do not be a concern.
At the same time, the United States, realizing the utter falsity of the way, took the other way. They support the marginalized and the so-called opposition without causing unnecessary tension in society, carefully selecting candidates for the conductors of their ideas. What can not speak of a deliberate and cautious approach. And this in turn can not but please.
Long thought on this subject from different institutions and prominent representatives of the society was already enough! Need weighted and deliberate steps to cease to build a barrier between European values ​​and stereotypes about them, as well as help to correct their perception!

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God grant you survive the holidays!

my dear friends! I would like to congratulate you on Christmas and Happy New Year, but there is always a small but weighty “but.” I myself do not like these crazy holidays, and not because I’m evil and dangerous Troll, but because all this bothersome.
But by a strange coincidence, I recently became a required to plead and bustles. And not because I became a a good helper of Santa or the Snow Maiden, but because I became a father of the child who is the first New Year!
And so, hello trouble, how do you running and bustle. Holiday Tree bought and dressed up, the house is decorated and illuminated. Gifts are bought and continue to arrive. While the budget, having received such a huge hole below the waterline, is sinking. But I like the captain of a ship, do not leave the ship, and stand steadfastly New Year’s mess.

And if you manage to fight off all the trouble this year.

How do I do, then you will be a gift that I want, but it does not reach everyone:)

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Amid army crackdown, Egypt’s richest library set on fire

At today’s opposition army and rebels in the heart of Cairo, on the street Kasr El Aini was burned down the building “of the Institute of Egypt.”

“Institute of Egypt” – a private, nonprofit organization, which was kept in the collections of more than 200 thousand books and manuscripts, in calm those unique editions of the XIX century.

“The Institute of Egypt” was created more than 200 years ago by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. All this happened less than five hours ago.

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Osama Bin Laden is killed?

Tunisia was offended, but “bad boys” apologized …

The Tunisian Government authorities expressed outrage over Libya’s violations of its borders. Command of troops Muammar Gaddafi has apologized.

On the eve in the battle between government forces and Libyan rebel shells fired at an army Gadhafi came to the territory of Tunisia.

Border crossing Vasina, for which fighting was, and passed into the hands of the rebels a week ago.

On the eve of a representative of anti-government troops said that the city of Misurata as a result of NATO bombing killed 11 insurgents. NATO spokesman said the aircraft of international forces destroyed several military vehicles – presumably belonging to the troops Gaddafi – a few miles south of the besieged city.

Another plane was destroyed in Libya.

In Italy, crashed during landing F-16 fighters who participated in military operations in Libya.

The incident occurred this morning at the Sigonella air base, which is located 600 kilometers from the Libyan capital Tripoli. The pilot managed to eject, the moment he is medical care. The airbase is temporarily zakryta.Chto exactly caused the incident are not yet known. Also did not specify how badly damaged the aircraft itself. In late March, another NATO fighter aircraft F-15 due to technical fault crashed in the vicinity of Benghazi. Then the pilot of the plane and was injured.

NATO-led international coalition air operations in the skies over Libya. Bombardment began after a UNSC resolution, decided to take all necessary measures to protect the civilian population of Libya from the troops of the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The most massive American-made fighter F-16 is not built for the U.S. Air Force. However, successfully produced for export. Thanks to its versatility and relatively low cost of the F-16 are a success in the international market and is in service with 24 countries. Crashed to the Sicilian airbase Sigonella Air Force fighter jet owned by United Arab Emirates.