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Kazakh tragedy.

If you remember during the friendly match between Armenia and Kazakhstan present paid tribute to fallen soldiers. A minute’s silence paid tribute not only to the Armenian soldiers who prevented Azerbaijani provocation, but also the Kazakh border guards.
Here is the story of this tragedy.
Kazakh television showed footage from the CTC border post “Arkankergen” (on the border with China), which recently caught fire and killed soldiers. Earlier, journalists were not allowed to place emergency.

From the building burned down the barracks, as the TV correspondent, leaving only the furnace, metal chairs and aluminum cookware. Officers also burned a house and a kitchen. Outbuildings, as noted, were left untouched (previously reported that the fire burned well as storage space).In the post has arrived to replace the dead soldiers. They live as long as the hunting lodge, located nearby. Investigative activities in the post already been completed, the border guards are on duty as usual.

PE at the border post “Arkankergen” reportedly occurred on the night of May 28. Post stopped communicating. Border outfit, arrived there on May 30, discovered that the barracks were burned and nearly all the soldiers (14 of 15 border guards, who served in this post) died. In addition, in a hunting lodge near the dead body was found the huntsman.June 4 was detected only survivor of the guard – 20-year-old soldier, Vladislav Chelakh. Initially it was reported that he returned to the post. However, later in the Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan said that he was detained.A few days after the Kazakh Prosecutor General’s Office announced that the detainee confessed to the murder of fellow soldiers and hunters. In their version, all the Chelakhs sacrifices at the time of killing were unarmed, some sleeping, and those who are awake – allegedly “in the direction of these weapons should not take this seriously.” The reason for murder, according to prosecutors, became “internal conflicts and temporary clouding of consciousness.”Prosecutor’s Office also contends that at the time of arrest Chelakh was clothing that belonged to the commander, and that he had found a laptop and money to the commander, as well as the wedding ring of one of his colleagues.

Chelakhs Relatives said, that they do not believe the official version. According to them, a young man intimidated, forced to negotiate themselves. Grandfather, who recently was allowed to meet with his grandson, says that during a meeting he declared his innocence.The official version has been criticized in the press (it seemed doubtful that a border guard finished with 14 co-workers). Informally put forward different versions of what happened from the terrorist attacks and the invasion by China to the provocation by the Kazakh law enforcement agencies.


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God grant you survive the holidays!

my dear friends! I would like to congratulate you on Christmas and Happy New Year, but there is always a small but weighty “but.” I myself do not like these crazy holidays, and not because I’m evil and dangerous Troll, but because all this bothersome.
But by a strange coincidence, I recently became a required to plead and bustles. And not because I became a a good helper of Santa or the Snow Maiden, but because I became a father of the child who is the first New Year!
And so, hello trouble, how do you running and bustle. Holiday Tree bought and dressed up, the house is decorated and illuminated. Gifts are bought and continue to arrive. While the budget, having received such a huge hole below the waterline, is sinking. But I like the captain of a ship, do not leave the ship, and stand steadfastly New Year’s mess.

And if you manage to fight off all the trouble this year.

How do I do, then you will be a gift that I want, but it does not reach everyone:)

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The final posting on the elections in Kazakhstan.

I could write a lot of things different about the shortcomings or problems seen in theelectoral process and vote counting, but this was already stated in the OSCE report. Iwill try to give a human assessment, environment and emotional background of events.

So, about populations can be locally have bred many different theories about the influence of the Soviet past on the mental background and the people themselves, but actually took more than twenty years since the collapse of the Union, and it looks looks more than it was.

Consciousness of Kazakhstan as an independent and successful nation rostet every day, directly proportional to the progression of energy prices and propaganda pouring on them from TV screens. Given Russia’s attempts to prevent Kazakhstan fall under the influence of China, we can say that the Russian capital is presented here is quite broad and pervasive. Yes, and the Russian language has the status of second state language. However, I will not deviate far from the subject of elections.

Even before our arrival in the areas in which our group had to conduct observation, we were not transparent it is said that no intrigues of these elections should not wait, and the main purpose of these elections see Nazarbayev will have 99 percent or 95 percent of the vote .
And already in the field, and more precisely in Dzhangalinsky rayon Oral district of  West Kazakhstan region, we realized how actually imitation we look to our notions of democracy and the observance of laws and regulations. Impression of the entire electoral process in general should be – a very low level of training and expertise in the field, and almost professional work of the district election commissions. Confidence in the impunity of local Akims and police disarmed and often baffled their arrogance and pressure. Often giving the impression that we were being watched, and very aggressively offering their services as bodyguards. Our interpreter and driver twice pressured by the police and local authorities. Once the pressure even turned into a personal threat to the translator. However, with all this we have tried to be quite correct and not give in to provocations.It should be noted, and the fact that the hospitality and kindness of ordinary people remained at the usual level, regardless of our role as observers. However, we have often created the impression that we are like a monkey on the beach is used for entertainment and photography, because every counter locals consider it my duty to be photographed with us.

On the organization of an observer mission also did not feel like writing much, but stillwould like to mention the excellent and harmonious work of long-term observers of our region, thanks to them for everything! Still can not fail to note some of the gaps in the group of logistics and security. But all that fortunately was resolved, and we will not only remember the bad.

Here the earlier posts from the field:

E-day in Kazakhstan. Part two.


So now we are close to end. It will be our last PEC. We meet lot of locals during this long day at the “end of the world”. Big part of them was very friendly and politely. Some of them afraid of us and try to block our work, but very quietly.
So it’s 20:00. The door is closed and procedure is begin. The authority person show us the voting boxes, and they start to count its. Now I will try to go closer. Just now they cut unused ballots, and put its in stamped cover.
And now the head of PEC send me back on my seat cose I’m too close and can see the counting process, and seems they don’t want it…
And in the room we find the ghost of a female cleaner. When we said about it to head of PEC, he became a ghost buster, and the girl was pushed out.
The NUR OTAN observer seat near to us and pro IDE tee to our translator. She is very polite woman, and smile every time since we enter here, and they got same interests whit our translator.
Now they start to count separated ballots for each candidate. And bring big flipchart for making a envelop for ballots. We don’t see it correct, but it seems that all is ok for Mr. Nazarbaev.

E-day in Kazakhstan.

We start our mission here at 6:00.
It was really hard to wake up and find some coffee in our kishlak, but we just try to do it and be at the first PEC at 6:15.
It was big one, and located at the school, there are more than thousand voters registered. So we start whit help of God, Allah and Buddha. Not any big problems detected at the first one.
At the second pooling station we met whit don’t interesting situation when one of the member of PEC show to voters for whom they have to vote (try to guess whom he show 😉 ).
Now we arrive to our third place. No any voters here, we are sitting more than half an hour. Locals prepare some performance whit singing children, its funny. Aha there two voters come for vote.
See you later guys.

Dzhangala. Day two.

If somebody say that here in Dzhangala you can find roads or streets in poor condition, you can bit tis liar, cose here no any roads detected, only destinations.
For example if you need to go to Kopzhasar they just told you – 12 kilometers to the east and may be two tho the south.
Our driver just hero and he make miracle bringing us alive to the hotel. We spend tree hours to reach from one pooling station to other. And people just say us before, that here just 50 kilometers.
Now we try to have rest in the hotel, and after shower I’ll write about people.