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Այո, բոլորիտ բոլորիտ~
Շնորհավորում ենք այս ջերմ ու բարի տոնի արիթով~











God grant you survive the holidays!

my dear friends! I would like to congratulate you on Christmas and Happy New Year, but there is always a small but weighty “but.” I myself do not like these crazy holidays, and not because I’m evil and dangerous Troll, but because all this bothersome.
But by a strange coincidence, I recently became a required to plead and bustles. And not because I became a a good helper of Santa or the Snow Maiden, but because I became a father of the child who is the first New Year!
And so, hello trouble, how do you running and bustle. Holiday Tree bought and dressed up, the house is decorated and illuminated. Gifts are bought and continue to arrive. While the budget, having received such a huge hole below the waterline, is sinking. But I like the captain of a ship, do not leave the ship, and stand steadfastly New Year’s mess.

And if you manage to fight off all the trouble this year.

How do I do, then you will be a gift that I want, but it does not reach everyone:)

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Ответ провокатору.

Всемирно известный журнал Форбс оказался игрушкой у нечистого на руку сотрудника. Именно так и никак иначе невозможно отнестись к тому что Журнал доверил некоему Даниэлю Фишеру скомпоновать и слить явно слабенький материал. Видимо Фишер решился написать анализ и выстроить рейтинговую систему стран с самой плохой экономикой проведя маркетинговое исследование и прайс листы АзерАгит Пропа. Но при этом поставил под угрозу доброе имя своего работодателя и свою карьеру.

Бедный рыбачек (Фишер)совсем не дружа с головой, составил список в котором в первой десятке такие страны как Армения, Иран и Украина. Молодой человек, который о себе рассказывает так –
Я старший редактор Forbes, покрытие по правовым вопросам, корпоративные финансы, макроэкономика и случайные истории парусного спорта. Я был Юго-Западным менеджером Бюро Forbes в Хьюстоне с 1999 по 2003 год, когда я вернулся домой в Коннектикут получил звание Рыцаря коммуникаций на юридическом факультете Йельского университета. До этого я работал на Bloomberg Business News в Хьюстоне и позже, так же Dallas Times Herald и Хьюстоне Post. Большинство того, что я знаю о финансовой журналистике, я узнал, в Техасе. ( .

Этот земляк Джорджа Буша младшего унаследовал от него не только неумение различать страны, но полное неумение пользоваться исходными данными. Основным параметром, который использовал Фишер при составлении своего позорного списка был номинальный ВВП на душу населения. И как следует далее из рейтинга – Армения находится на втором месте среди стран с наихудшей экономикой, Украина на четвертом и Иран на десятом. Вот так.

Однако если мы посмотрим первоисточник – Список стран по ВВП (номинальный) на душу населения (,

то станет понятно и откровенно видно, что Армения по ставнению с той же “”благополучной” Грузией занимает следующие места по версиям: МВФ – 118, Всемирный Банк – 104, ЦРУ – 112. В то же время Грузия: МВФ – 120, Всемирный Банк – 116, ЦРУ – 124. Что уж говорить о таких богатейших странах как Иран и Украина, которые находятся на 89 и 110 сточках соответственно по версии того же МВФ. И вот такой вот вопрос ведущему аналитику – Как же так выходит, что страна занимающая 118 место входит в список, а страна занимающая 120 место нет?

Что можно добавить? Учите математику и сравнительный анализ господин Фишер. Хотя нашлось немало доброхотов и горе патриотов подхвативших эту новость и ставших ее массово тиражировать в социальных сетях, снабжая набившими оскомину комментариями о том что страна не страна и что довели цветущий край… И им у меня есть совет – достаточно лить воду на колеса пропаганды Азербайджана, получайте образование и не теряйте способности мыслить в ваших порывах огульной критики своей Родины или валите!!!

UPD: Кстати полностью мою лекцию можете прочесть в газете Новое Время за сегодняшний день. О как получается.

Soon began repressions in Belarus.

Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the suspected terrorist attack on April 11 in Minsk metro found three more bombs.

“Thank God that the perpetrators of terrorist acts, we stopped on time. As the result, tomorrow would be worse. Today, the police discovered here are worse – at least three (the bomb). And it would be even harder than the subway,” – said Lukashenko annual address to Parliament.

Chief Executive attack Lukashenko called “geek” who grew up in a normal family.

I would like to ask my Belarusian friends and readers, is it really in the country believe in all this nonsense? And in fact relates population to the statements of its president that “our country is too much democracy and freedom of unnecessary …”

Or do right by those who believe that enough stability, even in the begging, but the stability and confidence in the minuscule?

briefly on the news

The situation with the provocations on nationalist grounds and riots in Russia remains the same. The government and security forces are unable take real steps to break the deadlock. There are suggestions that they themselves are the initiators and sponsors of the Nazi speeches and unrest.

The situation with the elections in Belarus remains tense, but everything is controlled by the Lukashenko regime. The OSCE does not recognize the election results as they expected. Unrest in the center of Minsk have been suppressed with extreme brutality, opposition candidates were beaten and taken away in an unknown direction. Belarusian democracy in action.

In Armenia, all is quiet, except for the expected scandal with the provision of air for television A1+. Emotions run high, the charges are strewed on both sides. Let’s wait for the results.


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Belarus – elections

Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus is gaining 79.67 percent of the vote (it’s already 100% of the ballots).

Yesterday’s rally ended with violent dispersal and arrest. Detained by the presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Nikolai Statkevich. What a surprise – from the message of the U.S. Embassy, which expresses disapproval of every kind, to learn here is: “Our concern is the message that a presidential candidate Vladimir Niklyaev was removed by unknown force from hospital.” Steal a presidential candidate – it’s too brazenly.


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Italians suspected of having ties with Lukashenko Aliyeva

In Belarus, during the election campaign continues to heat up passions. Fuel to the fire of compromising, which is pouring from all sides, added the Italian newspaper “IL Foglio”. With reference to the German diplomats, she reported that the wife of President of Azerbaijan Aliyeva met secretly with Alexander Lukashenko in Berlin. And supposedly in the German capital all know about it. Azeri Beauty helps Lukashenko brighten dark days before the election. He said Western journalists, sleeps too easy: Moscow unleashed against him outright propaganda war. Against this backdrop, the need for Lukashenko in a simple human involvement is greater than ever.

Itself Aliyeva – a secular woman who is very, very prominent in international politics. In his 40 years, it retains an amazing visual appeal. Husband of  Mehriban Ilham – Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev and successor of the dynasty, founded by his father, Heydar, Baku “Vito Corleone”. It is not surprising that it has such a prominent woman. As no surprise and the fact that the very Mehriban attract domineering, strong men. So, of course, and Lukashenko.

Ilham Aliyev controls are very important from a geopolitical point of view of the country. Passes through America and the European Union-sponsored oil pipeline “Nabucco” at which oil can flow into central Europe, bypassing Russia. He is also known that has both a fairly dangerous ties with the West and Russia, and Iraq. Foreign press regularly accuse him of authoritarianism, cronyism. About him say he is too much work and enthusiasm, and it makes a certain amount of discord in his relations with his wife.

Mehriban, wife of the president since 1983 and mother of his two children, is actively involved in politics. She has worked as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, deputy president of the Gymnastics Federation Azerbaydazhana, president of the Gaidar Aliyev. She also maintains an active philanthropic activities, in connection with which a lot is riding on the world. This is a fine lady, who is not ashamed to appear in public without her husband. With Belarusian President Lukashenko, she met when he came to Baku to negotiate with her husband on oil supplies.

German diplomats have told an Italian newspaper that Mehriban often arrives in the capital. And during these tours, she allegedly occurring informal meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. According to rumors, in this well-known policy of attracting a woman’s domineering personality. “Lukashenko – a man who changed the Belarusian Constitution to rule for life” …

Lukashenko for a meeting with Mrs Aliyeva can have great practical significance. Wikileaks has published a note of an American diplomat Donald Lu, in which he argues that the Aliyev government in order to preserve his dynasty in the country is ready to sit as president’s wife. If this happens, Lukashenko can get a good political choices.

Speaking about the Belarusian president and his personal life, his lyubveoobilnosti at home already legends. The Old Man himself is not against: a son Nick, with whom he appears in almost all official events, is illegitimate. With his wife, which Lukashenko was before he became president, he no longer lives. In public, the Belarusian leader dances with the young student who ignites with athletes.

His wife – Galina Lukashenko – is a quiet secluded life in the village Ryzhkovichi. Over 15 years of being the spouse of the power it gave only one interview. What’s up mom Kolya, is rumored to Lukashenko once took away her son, married her to her guardian. We are talking about doctor Irina Abelskaya. She worked as his personal physician Lukashenko. Born in Brest in public, too, does not show …


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