Kazakh tragedy.

If you remember during the friendly match between Armenia and Kazakhstan present paid tribute to fallen soldiers. A minute’s silence paid tribute not only to the Armenian soldiers who prevented Azerbaijani provocation, but also the Kazakh border guards.
Here is the story of this tragedy.
Kazakh television showed footage from the CTC border post “Arkankergen” (on the border with China), which recently caught fire and killed soldiers. Earlier, journalists were not allowed to place emergency.

From the building burned down the barracks, as the TV correspondent, leaving only the furnace, metal chairs and aluminum cookware. Officers also burned a house and a kitchen. Outbuildings, as noted, were left untouched (previously reported that the fire burned well as storage space).In the post has arrived to replace the dead soldiers. They live as long as the hunting lodge, located nearby. Investigative activities in the post already been completed, the border guards are on duty as usual.

PE at the border post “Arkankergen” reportedly occurred on the night of May 28. Post stopped communicating. Border outfit, arrived there on May 30, discovered that the barracks were burned and nearly all the soldiers (14 of 15 border guards, who served in this post) died. In addition, in a hunting lodge near the dead body was found the huntsman.June 4 was detected only survivor of the guard – 20-year-old soldier, Vladislav Chelakh. Initially it was reported that he returned to the post. However, later in the Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan said that he was detained.A few days after the Kazakh Prosecutor General’s Office announced that the detainee confessed to the murder of fellow soldiers and hunters. In their version, all the Chelakhs sacrifices at the time of killing were unarmed, some sleeping, and those who are awake – allegedly “in the direction of these weapons should not take this seriously.” The reason for murder, according to prosecutors, became “internal conflicts and temporary clouding of consciousness.”Prosecutor’s Office also contends that at the time of arrest Chelakh was clothing that belonged to the commander, and that he had found a laptop and money to the commander, as well as the wedding ring of one of his colleagues.

Chelakhs Relatives said, that they do not believe the official version. According to them, a young man intimidated, forced to negotiate themselves. Grandfather, who recently was allowed to meet with his grandson, says that during a meeting he declared his innocence.The official version has been criticized in the press (it seemed doubtful that a border guard finished with 14 co-workers). Informally put forward different versions of what happened from the terrorist attacks and the invasion by China to the provocation by the Kazakh law enforcement agencies.


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