Fairy tale with a bad ending.

Hello again.

Have not written here, but there is a need to express myself in a language understandable not only to my circle of constant communication, but also for people who is far away, but no less dear.

In the last period in Armenia took place as any event that, if they should be given all the attention, it is not enough space in this one post and the time of the day. But I try to just go through topics, emphasizing the marker most affected the events of my attention.

And of course the most important event is the race itself and the parliamentary elections in Armenia. About which he could not write, because this time was limited mandate and the point of the employment contract. If we evaluate the overall condition of the atmosphere, and then I would completely agree with the point in the OSCE report, which states that the election and the race took place in the atmosphere as a whole a fair and competitive. I as a citizen, of course, attach a harsh assessment of the violations that occurred during the election campaign and the elections themselves. But I will refrain from the use of uncomplimentary epithets to address the “oligarchs” and “grafters”, “hypocritical liars” and “users of VERTOU” and other small fry and the “third power”.
The next equally important event was the “rat race” around the seats in the new parliament within the parties themselves have somehow squeezed into parliament. Started loud withdraws and the resignations, the escapes the parties from alliances. In short, I you would not wish this to the enemy. But in the end we were disappointed voters and disaffected citizens. Although 44 percent of the voters of course very, very happy …
The third question, an ode to a failed coalition and its victims buried under rubble.But to say here is really nothing. Comes to mind only stsenaiz of the famous “Little Red Riding Hood” when the wolf disguised in grandmother and waits for granddaughter. So it will be in this “fairy tale”. Wolf wait for the right moment, and when all will see “wolf ears” from under Granny bonnet, pop and swallow a tasty morsel.

Yes, man is mortal, but it would be so bad. The bad news is that it is sometimes sudden death, that’s the trick!

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