Have you seen battered potato?

Rumors of various political actors in the current political scene in Armenia, sometimes interrupted every bar, going to the absurd. But it is not that true or not. And everything revolves around the name kneaded in some dirty little business. Often, even the hero of these rumors are not aware of what they say about him, and not just say and write and print in very popular magazines and on frequently visited sites.

And here websites and print publications are struggling among themselves overtaking each other at the idiocy of titles and debilizme fabrications. What can the reader to consider, finding the title – “The chief of police beat potatoes!”? Only that this site or the media finally gone mad, or rolled down to small provocations.

But of course no one cheats ratings do not think about it. Indeed, precisely because of them being all that rat race. After all, if the elections website or publication will have a high rating, it will be able to sell themselves dearly for anyone who will offer plenty of crunchy green Franklin.

And when you begin to understand it all, and then delve into the details it becomes boring and somehow nasty and unpleasant.

Circle.Am: Rating and Statistics for Armenian Web Resources
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