Work is not a wolf and not run away? More flee as!

Christmas and New Year’s fever is over. But people in post-Soviet space has not yet learned how to work for themselves, rather than on party idea. That is why in many countries as the “red days” in the calendar. That’s why people prefer to suffer from a hangover, but not to work for their families and their society.

And it’s not that people do not like to work. The point here is that people feel ashamed if they do not rest on the full, as they may think about God knows what! The neighbors may think them greedy and unfriendly, the relatives can find them stingy and not friendly and, co-workers may find them boring and proteges bosses. And it is a shame.

And nobody does not occur, that live with a bare ass, but not ashamed and just a sign of greed and shortsightedness, greed and sloth? Indeed, in idleness and appear stupid and unconstructive habits. After all, these practices and build the current face of society, reconstructing it for himself. As a result, we get a generation of zombie TV and incorrectly focused on life.

sorry, in a word.


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