God grant you survive the holidays!

my dear friends! I would like to congratulate you on Christmas and Happy New Year, but there is always a small but weighty “but.” I myself do not like these crazy holidays, and not because I’m evil and dangerous Troll, but because all this bothersome.
But by a strange coincidence, I recently became a required to plead and bustles. And not because I became a a good helper of Santa or the Snow Maiden, but because I became a father of the child who is the first New Year!
And so, hello trouble, how do you running and bustle. Holiday Tree bought and dressed up, the house is decorated and illuminated. Gifts are bought and continue to arrive. While the budget, having received such a huge hole below the waterline, is sinking. But I like the captain of a ship, do not leave the ship, and stand steadfastly New Year’s mess.

And if you manage to fight off all the trouble this year.

How do I do, then you will be a gift that I want, but it does not reach everyone:)

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  1. As for me, I like Christmas not for those, as u’ve already mentioned, crazy things we do, but for just having fun and relaxing and of course eating favourite meals))

  2. Favorite meals?!?!?! R U kidding? Olivie salad/ ‘armenian famous bud’ and “charaz”??? :)))

  3. I like New Year it is for me beginning something new. ))))

  4. only for it?
    but I don’t think that changes and new things always good ones!

  5. @vozni
    Yeah! I do really like it coz New Year is the only time we-Armenians can enjoy our favourite meals and drinks))

  6. r u shure?

  7. @vozni
    Yes, I am)) I like both Christmas and New Year with its advantages and disadvantages…There are, of course, some exceptions, but actually they are worth loving)))

  8. and probably U r 18-22 yo?

  9. Yep< I'm 20))

  10. he he he – its an answer :)))

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