Dirty game of the Kremlin and the opposition

The political struggle in Russia moves into a new stage. Beginning to be used “dirty technologies”. All this means that kindergarten is over and now the Kremlin’s “elite” begins to play on a grand scale.

Yesterday on one of the government-controlled sites were published phone records of one of the opposition leaders Nemtsov. The main purpose of publication, in my opinion, is to discredit Nemtsov as a politician, as well as the introduction of discord in the ranks of the opposition.

In these audio recordings Nemtsov is coordinating talks and private interviews with his helper and other coordinators of the opposition movement. They plan to organize the rally, scheduled for December 24. In this case, Mr. Nemtsov uses very abundant profanity and not always flatteringly of his supporters and associates.

However, it should consider the fact that in today’s Russian realities use foul language in everyday conversation is not something that out of the ordinary.

In turn, the opposition has not yet decided on the counter measures, and Nemtsov filing a lawsuit is as toothless as a minimum. But today comes from the conclusion of another opposition leader, Mr. Navalny. It features a large radicalism and intransigence of the authorities and the current ruling party. But Mr Navalny and marked as an adherent of nationalist ideas, which does not always play into the hands of “liberals” in opposition.

We will wait for continuation …

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