Gloomy morning in Yerevan.

A person’s mood often depends not only on how he slept, what he ate or how much he earns.

The complexity of nature is caused by the environment and its impact on each particular person. Of course, class affiliation, although it is very vague and fuzzy category that directly affects the way of thinking. I do not want to offend anyone, but people are not able to think of creative self-realization or protection of their rights as a citizen, if he empty his pockets and a belly echoes the voice of a hungry stomach.

But at the same time, sometimes there comes a time when the hungry masses feel tired, not only hungry but also cheated. And people begin to act. In different countries in different ways, but the script is almost the same everywhere. Are found not honest and unscrupulous people who are willing to use tension and dissatisfaction in their own interests, with absolutely no concern for solving the problems that caused it is the power of the masses. All this often leads to frustration and apathy, which adversely affects the formation and flourishing of civil society and its institutions. But, even worse, it could lead to a backlash when protests are replaced by riots and disobedience. And the riots, as you know, not controllable and predictable. Which in turn does not add clarity to the picture of tomorrow.

So maybe there is still a force that can turn into a productive civilian requirements and will provide a channel of creative force, which will help the prosperity and the establishment of a small but proud country? Or, again, will have to choose the least of two evils? After all, how can we expect, is not it time to take the country’s future for our children in our hands … It’s time!


  1. I would add that it is not always a willingness to imply the ability to act.

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