the mayor is guilty or not?

The most ordinary days, the most conventional start of the summer. However, the sudden and erratic weather confound not only the mayor of Yerevan, but also its residents.

Nothing foreshadowed trouble. And suddenly, from the edge of the city skyline clouds loomed. Heavenly Office offended because of something on the capital of a small and proud mountain republic. Opened up the gates of heaven and the earth poured streams of water, hail and gale-force wind ruffled the trees and colorful clothes hung on the balconies. That would be an excellent prelude to the movie about the local appokalipsise. And this is the representation of the City Hall about the incident.

In the real world are all much more prosaic and stupid. Storm drains throughout the city could not cope with the flow of rainwater that is not the first time. Incorrectly designed and constructed roads and disgusting tunnels are small reservoirs and sources of problems for motorists and pedestrians.

But now the question is – how competent people who receive wages from our taxes, and responsible for the fact that there were no such incidents?

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