Mobile internet and its operator.

Recently, during a Barcamp Yerevan, 2011, I was lucky to get acquainted with one of the largest operator in the world, well, like in Armenia, too.

I will not write about what they were ultimately good and proper, but is still a bad feeling. Sludge from the fact that the work of our “mobile giants” are not yet mobile. And until you come across a problem, they also do not think about preventing it. A Problem, I think, sees them not that they do not work or have organized a process. The problem for them is that it is noticed and this began to write and speak.

Do not want to give the figures and calculations, the various charts and tables, just want to express my opinion. May be on their side all perceive as one more whining for no reason, but because there is a reason.

Mobile internet expensive and the quality of its forces to be desired. Myself am a subscriber of this operator for many years, but not because loyal consumer, but because I have no other choice. And with each new operator in Armenia, I have added a new number, and my friends have to make changes in my contact.

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