First revolution, and now the tsunami.

The Egyptians did not give to relax its neighbors on the Mediterranean basin, they have, if not revolution and redistribution of property, as scientists make sensational and even apocalyptic statements.

Mediterranean countries, including Egypt, over the next three years, waiting for the devastating tsunami. With such a warning by a group of Egyptian and Italianscientists.

According to them, in the three islands – Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete – a major earthquake will occur, followed by a threat of a tsunami, and eventually to the coastalcities will fall multimeter waves, washing away on the way the whole city.

According to Prof. Ahmed Ali Badou, a specialist in the study of seismic processes inCairo Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, in the course of studying thehistory of earthquakes on the planet over the past 4,000 years, experts have come to the conclusion that Egypt, in 21 cases significantly affected by the tsunami provoked by tremors. Only in the XX century, the country felt tremors from 52 earthquakes, the epicenter of which was in the sea.

Conclusions scientists have tabled the Government of Egypt. Will soon be convenedfor an emergency meeting of the Crisis Center

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