The final posting on the elections in Kazakhstan.

I could write a lot of things different about the shortcomings or problems seen in theelectoral process and vote counting, but this was already stated in the OSCE report. Iwill try to give a human assessment, environment and emotional background of events.

So, about populations can be locally have bred many different theories about the influence of the Soviet past on the mental background and the people themselves, but actually took more than twenty years since the collapse of the Union, and it looks looks more than it was.

Consciousness of Kazakhstan as an independent and successful nation rostet every day, directly proportional to the progression of energy prices and propaganda pouring on them from TV screens. Given Russia’s attempts to prevent Kazakhstan fall under the influence of China, we can say that the Russian capital is presented here is quite broad and pervasive. Yes, and the Russian language has the status of second state language. However, I will not deviate far from the subject of elections.

Even before our arrival in the areas in which our group had to conduct observation, we were not transparent it is said that no intrigues of these elections should not wait, and the main purpose of these elections see Nazarbayev will have 99 percent or 95 percent of the vote .
And already in the field, and more precisely in Dzhangalinsky rayon Oral district of  West Kazakhstan region, we realized how actually imitation we look to our notions of democracy and the observance of laws and regulations. Impression of the entire electoral process in general should be – a very low level of training and expertise in the field, and almost professional work of the district election commissions. Confidence in the impunity of local Akims and police disarmed and often baffled their arrogance and pressure. Often giving the impression that we were being watched, and very aggressively offering their services as bodyguards. Our interpreter and driver twice pressured by the police and local authorities. Once the pressure even turned into a personal threat to the translator. However, with all this we have tried to be quite correct and not give in to provocations.It should be noted, and the fact that the hospitality and kindness of ordinary people remained at the usual level, regardless of our role as observers. However, we have often created the impression that we are like a monkey on the beach is used for entertainment and photography, because every counter locals consider it my duty to be photographed with us.

On the organization of an observer mission also did not feel like writing much, but stillwould like to mention the excellent and harmonious work of long-term observers of our region, thanks to them for everything! Still can not fail to note some of the gaps in the group of logistics and security. But all that fortunately was resolved, and we will not only remember the bad.

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    • April 25th, 2011

    I thought I was the only person interested for awhile but I have seen some others recently… Pretty fun site, I hadn’t played in awhile so I decided to buy neopets items and get started again. Seems like a lot has changed but enjoying it 🙂

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