E-day in Kazakhstan. Part two.


So now we are close to end. It will be our last PEC. We meet lot of locals during this long day at the “end of the world”. Big part of them was very friendly and politely. Some of them afraid of us and try to block our work, but very quietly.
So it’s 20:00. The door is closed and procedure is begin. The authority person show us the voting boxes, and they start to count its. Now I will try to go closer. Just now they cut unused ballots, and put its in stamped cover.
And now the head of PEC send me back on my seat cose I’m too close and can see the counting process, and seems they don’t want it…
And in the room we find the ghost of a female cleaner. When we said about it to head of PEC, he became a ghost buster, and the girl was pushed out.
The NUR OTAN observer seat near to us and pro IDE tee to our translator. She is very polite woman, and smile every time since we enter here, and they got same interests whit our translator.
Now they start to count separated ballots for each candidate. And bring big flipchart for making a envelop for ballots. We don’t see it correct, but it seems that all is ok for Mr. Nazarbaev.

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