Eggs at the cost of living

Due to the cost price of eggs in Yerevan stores ten days ago, followed by their complete disappearance: today in retail outlets with great difficulty can find the eggs, and their value in the market comes to 85 drams or higher.

As the adviser to the chairman of the State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC) Aram Sahakyan, “according to unofficial sources in the market there is great demand for eggs, as a result and there was this excitement. As noted by A. Sahakyan, the producers have assured that all products sent to stores. In this case, the company’s management “Araks” and “Yerevan Poultry” was told that today is the same number of eggs, as in early December.

It’s just an artificially generated excitement, more are sold and resold. In warehouses poultry eggs have no inventory to ensure all consumer demand “, – A. Sahakyan. According to him, get the eggs in the supermarket 1-2 times a day.

SCPEC demanded that manufacturers provide information on the situation. According to Mr. Sahakyan, today or tomorrow, the official will already be available to the Commission. Ara Sahakian also said that eggs are delivered today, shopping at a fairly low price: a plastic bag for 55 drams, and the paper – for 44 drama.

Chairman of the Consumers’ Association of Armenia Armen Poghosyan, in turn, expressed his view that the current market situation is the result of eggs “an noncompetitive agreement.” “One company absorbs another and begins to dictate the rules. Today we are witnessing this “- said Pogosyan.

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