Arrested one of the instigators of the pogroms at the Manege Square.

Simonov Moscow court sanctioned the detention of a 14-year old Elijah Kubrakova, one of the alleged organizers of the riots at the Manege Square on December 11.

On the eve of the Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev reported to President Dmitry Medvedev that Moscow police department has established a group of persons involved in criminal activities on December 11. “Among them are detained one of the organizers – a Kubrakov Ilya” – said the Prime Minister. According to Nurgaliyev, Kubrakov at the Manege Square calling for violent action, and the next day, along with nine accomplices committed a murder of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan of Alisher Shamshieva. “Currently, arrested two more members of this crime – Kuznetsov and Guzenko” – the minister said, adding that he is working to apprehend others involved in this crime. Medvedev asked how many years overdue. According to Nurgaliev them 14-15. “It’s just a nightmare” – said Medvedev.

A citizen of Kyrgyzstan, Alisher Shamshiev born in 1973, was killed on December 12 Shipbuilding street in southern Moscow. A law enforcement source of the city reported that involvement in the murder suspects, three young people who identify themselves as fans of “Spartacus” and supporters of the skinhead movement.

Even then it was known that 14-year-old confessed that he committed the murder. “The suspect is a student of the college”, – said the source. Two others reiterated the testimony alleged killer. The police found that one of them in school and calls himself a skinhead named Grizzly. A third detainee – Student Bauman, who, in his words, a fan of “Spartacus” and a skinhead named Hector.

On Friday it became known that the police detained five more young people involved, according to the investigation, the murder of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan on Shipbuilding Street. “It is established that all the detainees on December 12 took part in the beating of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, and when he tried to escape, the youngest of them, a student of Class 8, 1996 birth, hit the victim with a knife in the chest, from which the latter died.”


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