Oil/ BP/ Azerbaijan/ WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform

WikiLeaks cables: BP accused by Azerbaijan of stealing oil worth $10bn

US embassy cables: Azerbaijan wants more from BP, US told
However, for much if not most of the GOAJ’s gas production, “we depend on BP.” When the Ambassador pointed out that there was the possibility that the GOAJ would “lose out” on securing gas contracts with European consumers unless they could reassure them that Azerbaijan was willing and able to supply gas, the Energy Minister stressed that the GOAJ is ready and willing to coordinate and cooperate with European customers, but the GOAJ has no ability to fulfill BP’s obligations. “We can’t answer Europe (re availability of gas) without BP,” Aliyev stressed.

US embassy cables: BP discusses Azerbaijan security
As BP Azerbaijan President Bill Schrader routinely tells U.S. officials, “all it would take is one guy with a mortar or six guys in a boat” to wreak havoc in Azerbaijan’s critical energy infrastructure.

US embassy cables: ‘BP is stealing our oil’, Azerbaijan president tells US
If a good response is not found, Azerbaijan “will make public that BP is stealing our oil,” Aliyev stated.

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