About marginalism and its disgusting garbage.

State in which no Marginals – are dead. In fact, a fringe can be thought of all those who somehow different from the crowd, distinguished by their behavior and worldview.

But among the protest groups, which would later become the builders of social patterns, there are some very interesting characters. They, like the chameleon, adapt to the environment of their reality and the realities of today. They do not choose Pepsi, they do not listen to rock, they prefer grain path, full of grants from donors and interested organizations. And it does not matter what their choice leads to irreversible consequences in themselves. They veiled eyes of profits and money, cozy company geeks and beggars. They are willing to stand up to the throat of his truth and his true interests, but today would be on the crest of a wave, just to be popular and splash in the media stream.

And here we are not talking about ordinary eaters grants for pittance selling his country, but rather about those who are hiding behind pious aspirations, deploys them as convenient to the customer. And suddenly, a problem which was not, begins to grow alarmingly, bringing the horror and chaos in the orderly rows of standing in line for handouts. Written thousands of Projects, dirty tons of paper, overloaded telephone and internet communications. And all this for the crisp banknotes in their wallets, the status of a martyr, a fighter or someone else out there – you can choose from the list.


Circle.Am: Rating and Statistics for Armenian Web Resources

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