The hypocrisy of the Russian authorities

While Prime Minister of the country singing and strum on the piano waltz dog, pricked invited foreign stars, while the country’s president is played with a stereo and apple toys, showing that he, too, so when that person is still young and enthusiastic, in the center of the country in the heart of the capital killing people.

They kill people just for the fact that they are not blond, killed only because they do not get drunk with beer and vodka and kill for the nose shape and skin color.

Near the Kremlin thugs throw their hands in a Nazi salute and shouting Haile, the government has been criticized as hypocritical the Baltic countries and Poland glorification of Nazi followers. What kind of “righteous anger” can talk if you can not hide shit under his nose.

Many I could argue and say that “Russia for the Russian.” I unreservedly agree with this! Take and possess their own country! Just do not cry then, that without the Jews and Armenians, Azerbaijanis and Georgians, without, without the Chinese and Koreans, without the Central Asians and the Balts and Ukrainians, you will not get, and everything collapses.

Yes, and I would like to ask who was the last Russian leader of your country?

Sheer hypocrisy and lies. Laziness and alcoholism. Intolerance and cowardice. Words are not enough emotion, too.

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