People in retirement in Armenia: White moves and wins

White moves and wins. So could be the slogan of new trends in Armenian politics. Relationship can be seen with a passion for chess first person of Armenian Republic, although if you try to search out something like that, and the colors match for the rival camps.
The eternal struggle between good and evil, in the context of current realities in Armenia, takes the interesting angles of view. At the head angle is no longer struggle with the oligarchs and criminal elements as separate dangerous individuals, and countering the spread of the philosophy of permissiveness and impunity.


Loud resonant events stir at the end of the year a moderate course of Armenia’s political life, leading many to talk about a cardinal change of the internal climate in the country. To characterize the situation chess experts use the terminology: “white against black, confidently claiming that victory in this case unequivocally for whites.

Under this confrontation in a global sense is understood the fight against the legality of a sense of permissiveness, the antagonism between the law and order and the desire to stand above the law, and law-abiding, to say the least, shortsighted actions. Recent decisions by the President of Armenia showed that the legality and law-abiding have no alternative. And the exceptions here can not be.

No levers, according to experts, not forced the authorities to withdraw from the main principle – the atmosphere of impunity in Armenia is excluded.

Information about the unprecedented incident, which featured the mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan, appeared on the network, seamlessly migrated to the blogosphere, and, finally, splashed on the pages of world newspapers.

The main topic of discussions in Armenia was the only issue – whether there will be no consequences of emergency with assault mayor, from which, as indicated by the newspaper, suffered a fellow of the Protocol Department of the president.

The answer to this question does not take long. Authorities at the highest level said they did not intend to hide the truth and take responsibility for my actions still have.

Press Secretary of President of Armenia Armen Arzumanian confirmed the incident, although it complained that the press, his exaggerated. Then Arzoumanian and did dot the i, stating that the president considers it unacceptable and intolerable such a phenomenon. Logical consequence of all this, the resignation of the mayor.

The clear position of head of state became the signal for the country’s political field, as if cautiously awaiting junction complex plot, a signal that will cause many to refrain from “old habits”, are sometimes inconsistent with ethical standards, and sometimes articles of various codes.

The fact that the resignation of the Mayor may indicate a significant change in the domestic political background, referred to as pro-government and opposition forces. In this case, politicians are calling for the president not to stop, to establish order in the country.

“To say that the principle of adequate and immediate criminal liability in Armenia is already in force, it is too early. Regardless of the relationship to the person the mayor, everybody understands that the officer at this level had to be punished immediately and appropriately. First, that is, directly with regard to the adequacy, I’m not familiar with the details of the case, at least, I do not know what impact there has been violence against the employee. Therefore, if there is a severe or moderate injuries, then it will continue to ensure that we began to say that the right to begin to act. .. This should be followed the proceedings already in the legal field, “- says secretary of the opposition parliamentary faction of the Heritage Alaverdyan, positively assessed the steps of the president.

“I would like to think that this is the beginning of a process of changing phenomena, the principle that criminal liability will not act only in cases where violence is perpetrated by employees of sufficiently high rank, but also for ordinary people. To all of this was perceived by society as a deep changes that need deep elaboration of the president and all senior officials, “- says Alaverdyan.

Confirmation that the authorities’ reaction to inadmissible phenomena and manifestations was not an isolated case, but turned into a trend that has become today the resignation of Justice Minister Gevorg Danielian. In the presidential decree contains language about the improper performance of official duties of the Minister.

Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian revealed some details of the resignation. According to the premier, head of enforcement made a serious breach of ethical standards, and the Minister of Justice was requested to prosecute the head of the service. “Unfortunately, he failed to comply with this request. I think this is unacceptable,” – said the prime minister.

According to him, the behavior of officials, especially with their subordinates is essential, if we want the development of our country was such, as reflected in the programs of the government. “

“From the behavior of each of us depends on many things. I consider unacceptable behavior that undermines the public trust for us. The government will be demanding in this regard”, – said the minister.

Details about the “ethical lapses” have not yet reported, but some sources claim that the incident was similar, as is the case with the mayor.
Impulses coming from the power structures are clear and unambiguous – law and order will be the basis for constructing the state .


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